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School Spirit


2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR

Fleet Day- every Friday (that’s not a spirit theme day), wear school colours (red, blue, yellow) and/or spiritwear (kick-off when clothing orders come in).

Pink Accessories Day- every Thursday (including friendship button contest and button sale as kick-off). Pink Tshirts will also be promoted

Friendship Patrol - all year!

Student leaders out at primary recess wearing pink vests - if students don’t have anyone to play with, if students are having difficulties getting along with friends.

Friendship Bench: Coming soon...

October 10-

Hockey Jersey, Kick off the season!

October 31 (and Oct 30)-

Black and Orange (for those who have already sent home newsletters!)

Zombie Day for everyone else…  ***NO GUNS, SWORDS, or MASKS

-Haunted House in empty portable: 

Oct 30 for Junior - Last Block

Oct 31 for Primary (gr1-3)- First Block. **Teachers please sign up on the schedule in the staffroom

-Dance last block on Oct 31, Junior half the gym, Intermediate half the gym

November 21-

Triple N Day: Neon Clothing, Nickel Candy (max 50 cents!) sold before the movie, and Nemo (Finding Nemo) in the gym- Movie Buyout to raise $ for local charity before Christmas season- $2

December 5-

Triple C Day: Cocoa ($1) on sale outside during break, Crazy hair and Carolling (spirit leaders will go to classrooms carolling​ and spreading cheer)

January 29-

“ER” Day: Dress “er”- anything that ends in -er, scaveng’er’ day (spirit leaders will organize a hunt for students) and teach’er’ appreciation- spirit leaders will recognize Admiral’s great teachers at the assembly

Double the triple fun in February...

Feb 26

Triple P Day- popcorn for sale (goal is to generate more popcorn sales in one day than ever before..  spirit leaders will make this challenge to students), Wear PJs, and don’t forget the party hats (also falls on Pizza day)

Spirit Surprise Day (mystery date to be announced-based on forecast!): will include snow-painting, snowmen, sledding (Triple S).. all outside during recess led by spirit leaders

March 19-

Triple H Day: Hippies, hula hooping competition, and happy-dance (music will play on PA system and all students will get up in class and do the happy dance)

April 2-

Triple B Day: Bunnies (dress-up), bunny-hop dance (longest bunny hop to music chain ever, during recess or after announcements in hallway- weather dependent) and Bean Bag Toss (one toss per student- recess, prizes for winners)

May 15-

Royalty Day: dress up as king/queen or anything royal

June 4-

Triplet Day: Dress in threes (like twins only 3!), three-legged race and wheelbarrow race- outside at recess with your triplet group

***Winners of Stanley Cup, envelope will be opened after game and winners will be announced