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Fixed Mindset

​​​Perhaps you may want to consider a different path young Padawan. Welcome to...

Fixed Mindset

We all have a bit of the 'dark side'​, but there is still time to change. Check out these resources to continue with your training:

1. So you believe that you brain can't grow and change? Watch this​ to learn more.

2. Try this mindset analysis tool​ to see how strong the force is within you. 

3. Maybe you're still unclear as to the differences between the fixed and growth mindset. Watch this video to learn more​.

4. None of these people​ had a fixed mindset. There is still time for you to change.​

5. Hey Parents...think you know how to raise smart kids? You might be wrong since you've selected the dark side. Check out this great article​ to confirm your ​force sense.