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Math at Admiral


Just like reading, math follows us through life and is a skill set we can all improve on. Students in grades JK through 8 have been assigned an IXL account, they can access their account at . Please encourage your child to complete math homework nightly and set a weekly games night at your house.

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The Caribou Contests Dates for this year are:

To be determined

Math at Home

Math is fun amd playing games with your child at home will enhance their acquisition of math skills. Cribbage, Rummy, Monopoly and Dominoes are just a few of the games that you could play as a family.


Keep checking the billboard located adjacent to the gym. 



Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether.jpg

Born in Germany in 1882, Emmy Noether faced countless obstacles. Not allowed to enroll in university because she was a woman, she audited mathematics classes and finally received her PhD in 1907.
She taught without pay or title until 1919, when Albert Einstein and others intervened on her behalf. Forced out of academia by the Nazis in 1933, she fled to the United States and taught at Bryn Mawr College until her death two years later.
Noether did foundational work in abstract algebra, creating a breakthrough theorem that connects conservation laws with symmetries in nature. A genius who would not sit on the sidelines, her theorem continues to underpin much of modern physics.