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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. 

If the staff member's name is blue, you can click on their name to go to their blog or email.

PrincipalSheri McHardy
Vice PrincipalJeff Dunlop


Custodial Staff

Kevin McQueen

 Nathan Cutler

 Kyle Johnson

Educational Assistants
M BeatsonC. Rye
A. DeHetre
R. Rayner
K Chappelle
​C. Hartnett
D. Newell​K. Townes


Classroom Teachers Support Staff

Mrs. Visscher/ Mrs. Rumball

Mrs. Barber/Ms. Lloyd


Ms. MacDonald

KindergartenMrs. Danaher, Mrs. Frost-Cree Clerk StenoMs. McQuay

Mrs. Halligan, Ms. Carter

Grade 1

Ms. Napasney

Library Mme.Thompson
Grade 1/2     
Ms. Colter
​Planning/Music​Mrs. Edwards
Grade 2Ms. Moore Planning Mme. Miller
Grade 2/3Mrs. Wood
Mr. Kemsley
Grade 3 Mrs. Hale
Mr. Nunes
Grade 4Mrs. Gordon
Mme. Dorval
Grade 4Mrs. Cholewinsky

Grade 5Mrs. Lashley

Grade 5/6 EFI Mme. CarterSERT            Ms. McMullen
Grade 5/6 EFIMme. LemireSERTMrs. Green
Grade 5/6Mrs. Barr
Grade 6
Mrs. Ross
Grade 7 EFSL        Mme. Sheldrake
Grade 7 EFSLMme. Morrison-Armstrong
Grade 7 Mrs. Flint / Mrs. Burnett
Grade 7/8 EFSL
Mme. Laughton
Grade 8
Mr. Sparrow
Grade 8 EFSL
Mme Denbok
Grade 8 ESFL
Mme. Sumner

ASD                                   Mrs. Cruse
Learning CentreMs. Honeyball